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Our educational focus is on self-reliant living, permaculture, and happy husbandry. We are Master Gardeners, and Permaculturalists. website is

Ep03 : Raising Chickens and Ducks : 101


Morning Mountain Chat EP:03 Raising Chickens & Ducks : 101

Today's Chat is focused on Chickens and Ducks in all three type of setting. Rural, Urban and Suburban. 

Hen-X Farm, we are an environmental education organizations running a small farm and permaculture lab. (Mavis Farmacy) for the purpose of education. Currently we have our first lab on the ground of Mavis Manor . Here we have 1 acre of land to do micro experiments. We are looking to purchase and old homestead on 10+ acres to start a Fruit Forest, and education center.

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Our Series includes Permaculture, Raising Chickens, Ducks, Guineas, Bunnies, Folklore, Major Weather Updates and sometime just randomness.

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